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Ok so it may be a little bit late (approx 5 months late :eek:) in coming but finally we have part 1 of the latest Ne Plus Ultra Detail we did back at the start of July :)
There will be the usual full in depth write up with loads of pics to follow shortly (I've managed to edit just over 1,000 pics down to 600 so far!) but hopefully you will enjoy the HD video for now.
Obviously 10 days worth of work condensed into 5 minutes only shows a small portion of what was involved but we hope you like it :)
Due to the way the video is coded (stuff way over my head!) I'll have to link it to our new blog so grab yourself a coffee and click the link below :thumb:

Thanks for viewing as always and feel free to ask any questions :)


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Already watched it Clark, do you want my comment cause no different from rest.

Sublime me old china, quite literally the standard to be set by.


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Awesome work as always Clark.


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May I dare ask how much this level of detailing costs :undwech:


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There is no set cost as such, because at the Ne Plus Ultra level the amount of time needed varies immensely from car to car. That said, if you run with a rough figure of £30 an hour in mind you wouldn't end up far off the mark. :sm4: