Please share your 1.5/35TFSI dyno graph - stock and re-mapped, plz


2019 A3 35TFSI S line
Hello. My car was re-mapped (ECU and TCU) last summer. There was no dyno at the dealers who flashed a new map from a reputable local (DK) supplier. The car felt more alive, but I expected more torque in low-mid range of revs. Also I liked numbers so I ran a dyno test later and was disappointed by the result. The dyno graph is below. What do you think?

Is there an owner of a re-mapped (Stage 1) 1.5/35TFSI powered car on this forum who could share their dyno test result, preferably with both "before" and "after" graph?

Here's mine. I think the graph should go up a little steeper in a 1500-2500 rpm range.

Dyno Test 4:11-2020.jpg