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Hi guys, i have audi a6 c6, 2l diesel, manual. The car stalled when tried to join the motorway. I kind of rev it to high. The can not starting now. Did the vag com scan and shoving code 006215 please check dtc memory of abs controller. P1847. Tried to clear codes but they came back. Thank you


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18255/P1847/006215 - Please check DTC Memory of ABS Controller
Possible Symptoms
  • Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) ON
Possible Causes
  • Fault Code / Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) stored in Brake Electronics Control Module (J104)
Possible Solutions
  • Check Brake Electronics Control Module (J104) for Fault Codes
    • VCDS > Select > 03 - Brake Electronics > Fault Codes - 02
Special Notes
  • A Fault Code stored in one Module may influence other Modules as well, if a Control Module requires certain Information/Signals and the sending Module/Component is faulty it may store this Code.
Follow the solution and see what you get.