Please Help... Problem after service - Engine Warnign Light


Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!
Hi All,

Really need some advice if possible.

Drove to work this morning, all is fine and well. Came home as my mother is here (In Czech) and need to take her to the airport at 3. On a main road, was doing abut 60 MPH - it is like a sort of motorway, and car starts shaking... like the peddals. Then engine warning light came on... it flashes on and off. Managed to get it home but it is really not feeling well! Smell of burning of sorts, I really dont know much about engines or motors. Maybe oil burning smell.

To add to the story.... Just put the car in for a service last Wednesday (in the Czech republic). Went to Audi/Porsche in Brno and they done the service, here is what got done...
  • Long life service
  • New Rear brake discs and pads
  • Brake Fluid
  • New spark Plugs
  • Haldex Oil and Filter change
  • New Battery
  • Cam belt and water pump was done 6000 miles ago at same place
Any ideas what is wrong? Audi is shut today as it is national holiday in Czech. Pure gutted!


Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!
To add to this, the communication is murder with them as they dont speak english so any help would be great as you guys know your stuff and if I can maybe point them in the right direction.

I will get a work pal to translate tomorrow I hope.

Cheers again


Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!
Anybody help a little bit on this?

Could it be the spark plug change? Is coil pack maybe to blame? I know it must be hard to diagnose but I really am in stoom here and I know the garage is going to try and say it was fine when it left the forecourt so it is not our fault.....

It has been fine for over a year, I put it in for service and now it is dieing.

Got to be them huh?

Any advice/guesstimates welcome. :sorry:
check coil packs and sparks plugs , it they have not torqued them in correcly one may have blown a coil pack up or more than one if they were not put back right.

Im guessing but have a look at coil packs first but then its the hard work of getting them to understand you :(


Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!
Cheers mate, that's enough for me to be getting on with. I reckon (don't know why as I have no clue about engines), but I reckon coilpack or spark plugs as that's all they touched engine wise.... unless it is coincidence and something has happened and it was always going to happen.

Just hope it is not serious! Will let yous know how I get on.

Cheers again!


Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!
Hi again,

The car is now running great.... it was a coil pack.

So what do they actually do? I saw how he checked it so can do it from now on if I ever get same symptom. Why do they break? Are they related to the spark plugs, they changed spark plugs last week.

Again, cheers for the reply and info. Much appreciated.