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:banghead: hi guys new to the forum i have an s3 its a 2002 year i dont use the car often as have a 2nd car but when ever i go to use it the battery is flat. so i jump it use it for few day then 2 days later is flat again its a new battery but the family next door tell me my alarm goes of 2/3 a day and it has gone of once or twice why i have been home please help.
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The alarm has a battery backup so will go off if armed and the battery power is disconnected.. If the battery is flat while the alarm is armed then this is essentially the same thing...

If you alarm is being tripped though this can be seen by using VCDS to check the fault codes in the central locking module... that should tell you which sensor is tripping the alarm all the time..

Could also be the battery in the alarm itself too... I think that has a habit of tripping the alarm if its on its way out...