PLEASE HELP! MIL light not coming on with ignition and engine will not start


VCDS Map User
Hey guys please help if you can. I broke down on the way home tonight and got recovered to the house. My Lambda sensor broke away from the exhaust and bounced around under the car then snapped off from the harness. Following that the engine died. I did a diagnostic check with Vagcom and it is unable to communicate with the engine management ECU. I have checked all the fuses and they are intact. I am not sure if there are any relays which supply power to the ECU but I am working through the problem. It is looking like the ECU has blown, but before I look into a replacement (Gutting as it's a REVO stage 1 map) can anyone here give me some pointers. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks!

The car is an S3 8L with an AMK engine.