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This is doing my head in now.

I was going to take my car in to audi today to have the rear looked at but they told me it would be £67 a hour and they will have it all day and when they find out whats wrong they will phone me to ask if i want to go ahead with it so could turn out to be £££££.

So decide against taking in to them.

Any way this is the problem the rear is squeaking only from the drivers side. Only when i go over bumps and things in the road. A mechanic has had a quick look as we thought it might be the bushes but they seem to be fine. So i am just wondering if any one might know what it is its really annoying but i am not paying £67 a hour for audi to look at it.

Any ideas


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might seem daft and could be completly off track but i had a very similar problem on my old mondeo. Checked for ages all under the car trying to find what this anoying squeak was and it turned out to be the catch that holds the rear seat in place. The thing that you pull up to drop the seat forward. Well not actually the thing you pull up but the catch itself. Bll i got around it by putting some masking tape around the bar that the catch grabs hold of and that stopped the squeak.

as i said could be way off track but you never know


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Are the shocks and springs ok?
I would imagine you have checked them though. If its not the bushes then Im not to sure what else it could be. Maybe worth checking to see if you exhaust is loose or not.


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My money would be on bushes mine is doing it and my pal who is a grease monkey said its the bushes.


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might not be this but it was on mine, mine developed a quick squeak shortly after my bearing started moaning on so i got my my rear bearing changed and no more squeaking.

Now only a few months later my bearing is going again, ******! any ideas why its started going agen???


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OEM bushes don't squeak. jack up rear end and try to move everything to replicate noise, if that doesn;t work bounce the back end with someone listening down by wheel.
could be something as simple as a worn bump stop that has slipped in the springs, could be the shock itself.

check all the bolts are tight
get some wd40 and copperslip in a pressure greaser (i have a small one I use for mountain bikes which is great for forcing grease into bushes, joints etc.)

don't take it to audi, find a decent geometry specialist in the area. if you can;t find one ask the rally boys who they use. plenty of rally forums