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Dec 21, 2014
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Hi all, I had my S4 cab 04 plate for all of 2 months before the horrible chain guides issue raised it's ugly head. What started as fixing an oil leak lead to my asking the garage to change the chain as at 88k I wanted to carryout preventative maintenance. My gut had told me to do it as I felt the common start up rattle was getting worse, not much worse just slightly. On removing the engine casing we found that the **** poor quality guides had indeed begun to break up. I think this should be an Audi recall there is so much evidence of this failure when you start looking. Anyway, well into the rebuild now and my garage are stuck as they need 3 seals that Audi say are not available/listed. TPS say the same thing. The part number is 079103467A this is moulded into the seal. One dealer even suggested we may need to buy an entire head as they 'may' be included in the kit. So far S4 ownership has not been a fun experience, had full respray, new wheels (as found 3 to be cracked) and tyres all round, new radiator and temp sender, I was 3k into it before the guide failure. Its been in the garage for 2 months now and I'm losing the will to live, wishing I'd gone for a BMW. Any ideas, please help....

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This is the diagram they are working off which is one based on my chassis number. We need 3 x number 6. The hand written part number I believe is for bracket 24, not required.
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