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Hi people!

I'm in desperate need of help or info!

I left my 2004 B6 S4 on the drive last night after a good run in it yesterday.

I was reading about the throttle reset that you can do that is supposed to make the pedal more responsive, so went down to the car, followed the steps one by one and now the car will not start!

I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but I didn't try and start the car this morning before doing this so not sure if it's this that has done it or heavy rain last night has caused something. When I turn the key I get what can only be described as a fast machine gun noise (clicking) the stereo no longer works and the clock, date and main screen on the dash clocks fade on and off very randomly when the key is in.

please can someone shed some light for me?

Many thanks!!


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I would firstly check the voltage across the battery.
If voltage is good, remove the plenum chamber (area battery sits in ) cover and see if theres water sitting in there as you said you had heavy rain, drains could be blocked.
These are starting points anyway.
Try jump start the car if you cant check battery voltage.
After this I guess you would need to investigate what you have done to the throttle.


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can you provide details of this throttle reset or a link to what you have followed.


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Key in, turn to fully on (without starting) throttle down for 5 seconds, key off (but not taken out), foot off throttle and leave for 2 minutes. Then take key out, put back in and start


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Right, so I called the AA out and it was a flat battery... I've use the car everyday for a good run and included using the car all day yesterday and was fine. Battery fully charged now but for some reason there is still a 0.6Amp drain constantly on the battery after turning everything off.... What could possibly still be running even 10 mins after the car has been turned off and locked for 10 mins?!


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alarm system will take some current , as will clocks and any interior lighting which is left on


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Aye, ultrasonics will take some drain.

Also as a long shot, check and make sure the heater blower motor isn't still operating after you switch the car off. Somewhat irrelevant I know, but my BMW (E46 '03) has a dodgy heater resistor and the fan keeps blowing for a while after the vehicle is switched off. Has been known to flatten the battery in advanced cases that I've read about. Stoopid BM's...