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Please help - anyone in the West Midlands with an RNS-E map DVD?

Sem Nov 28, 2008

  1. Sem

    Sem Registered User

    Hi guys,

    I installed my RNS-E unit a few days ago and all appears to be ok but i'm unable to test the navigation element as the seller has forgot to include the DVD in the package :(

    I contacted him 2 days ago but i'm still awaiting a reply, he has also removed his listings from ebay for some bizarre reason? The problem is the unit took 2 weeks to arrive and I don't really want to wait a further 2 weeks for the map DVD to arrive (if it ever does)

    Is there anyone on here around the West Midlands area that has an RNS-E DVD that I can test my unit with?

    Alternatively, if you are not local to me but have a spare DVD (I don't care how old it is) i'd happily cover the postage. If you have any concerns on my integrity then please check over on uk-mkivs.net, a forum which I have moderated on for 4 years, there are plenty of members/the admin that will vouch for me.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. dollface

    dollface Registered User

    i dont have spear disk only one that come with my car , you can test it if you wish to make sure its working , i am in sheffieldf if you anywhere near . at least then you know if its working or not
  4. TTLAW

    TTLAW Registered User

    Hi, I am in Walsall if thats any good?

    Just make sure that the seller is sending you a 2008 disk. If you put a 2008 disk in to test it will update the software and you will no longer be able to use any of the older versions.


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