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Please Help Another white smoke problem

Moggie707 Nov 26, 2018

  1. Moggie707

    Moggie707 New Member

    Hey Guys
    I have a 2009 3.0TDi CCWA with 97000km on it.
    I have just done a DPF delete and it has been tuned.
    Now I get white smoke only when the engine is hot and it has sat their idling for a few min. As soon as you start driving or accelerate it clears up until the next time it sits at idle, like at a set of traffic lights.
    After reading all the posts on others having white smoke problems, I'm leaning towards a leaky injector or more.
    I used VCDS I logged injector deviation and at idle while it is smoking I get these values
    Inj1 -0.70mg/s
    Inj2 -0.03mg/s
    Inj4 0.71mg/s
    Inj5 0.60mg/s
    Inj6 -0.20mg/s

    Does these values look like this could be the cause?
    I don't want to fork out for new injectors if it doesn't really need them.
    Thanks in advance

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