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Playstation 3 Region??

lUCKYS3 Feb 16, 2007

  1. lUCKYS3

    lUCKYS3 Member

    Does anybody know whether the Usa/Jap Playstation3 is region free for games, In ther words will uk games work on these imported consoles??

    Alot of people selling them seem to think Uk games will work but others say it will not work, or is it just people will say anything to get a sale.

    Any Views
  2. scrupes

    scrupes bloody great extension bodger

    I too have been led to believe the US or Jap consoles not playing UK games and or vise versa. this could be true or loads a people would already have one? wont be long now bud...... I'm awaiting a call to tell me when i can officially order mine!! "HURRY UP SONY !!!!"

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