Play in drivers door/ dropped


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Searched a fair bit but didn’t find many answers.

My drivers door has dropped, I can see this as it’s hitting the wing and has left a mark. If I open the door a small amount I can feel play.

Checked the bolts on the bottom hinge in the pillar side abs they are tight. Debating a new bottom hinge, is it simple as undo the Pilar and door side bolts?

Or is there more to it?


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Yes, but the doors are heavy and hinges need to be aligned. Get a second set of hands involved

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I'm pretty sure there is a tool designed to do this.
A local VW tech had my car in for a thermostat replacement and he noticed my passenger side wouldn't close properly, so he adjusted it for me.
When I collected the car he said it had been correctly aligned, and I asked if it was a pain to do and how much extra it would cost me and he said "No charge, only took a couple of minutes as I have the correct tool".

So have a chat with a VAG specialist in your area before you tinker with the hinges, it might be a very quick job for someone with the right tool.


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I’ve read about essentially bending the door back into place, not sure how that sorts the play though.

Off to a VAG specialist and a body shop friend, will see what they say. Worst case I guess I replace top and bottom hinges.