Placing a order for the new s5. Quick question:)


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Hello all.

I just placed an order for the new S5. Quick question Audi Gurus if you don't mind.

Is the flat bottom steering wheel exactly the same size/thickness/texture as the standard wheel apart from being flat?



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I've got the flat-bottom steering wheel and I'm sure it is the same apart form the flat bottomed section.

I had one on my GTD hence wanting it again - can't really explain but I think it adds to the cabin and the feel of the drive!


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Feels the same size to me but I didn't measure it!

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It's written up on the configurator to give the impression it is not the same as the round wheel to get you to select the option, but I believe it is.
I would rather have a round wheel, the steering column is adjustable if it gets in the way. It seems to be a car fashion to offer a flat bottom wheel.


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Thanks for your replies.
I'd thought i check before i option that in, but if it's the same apart from the flat bottom i think I'll leave it out and save up for the tuning box.

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