Pics of New B/E in white (preferably with new style alloys)


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Not posted since i asked a few weeks ago for some advise on what to options and colour to have on my Company Car... ive gone for a B/E 170 TDI, in Ibis white with options as follows.

Open sky roof
Full leather
Black roof bars
Comfort pack.

Would love to see some pics of any white ones out there with the new wheels... seen them on the black S3 knockin about on here, but would love to see something like what i have ordered... thanks in advance.


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Hi Mate,

Thanks for the link... i do remember seein ur pics lastweek..... i reckon i made the right choice ordering White... keep em coming, would love to see a S/B with the open sky roof aswell... again, cheers mate.

Thats what i have on order and will be picking up sometime next month so will post.


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only reason i don't like 'em is that they're not symmetrical. the "slashes" go forwards on one side and backwards on the other. don't like that...


MPG the new BPH
love the wheels