Picked up my first S3 this weekend!


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Mar 15, 2013
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Hey guys just thought i'd let you know i picked up my new car this weekend.... and absolutely love it!!!! :yahoo:

Couldn't be more happy with it! here's the only pic I've got as of yet, been so busy.

couple of quick things, what products do you all use to wash/wax/polish you're cars? Also anyone know where i can get some nice S3 mats? the ones i got with the car are pants!


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Congrats on the shiny new wheels, looking very good! Check out N8's recent thread on detailing an RS3 for a really good walk-through of what the pro's do/use. I've had good results as an amateur with Meguiar's
the S3 is looking sweet, keep us updated with the mods :)
Welcome to the forum, got to love a facelift S3! If you need the car detailing/remapping/suspension/brake upgrade/refurbing etc etc etc, then give me a shout!
Thanks for the comments guys! will keep you updated, and cheers N8 no doubt i'll end up giving you a shout soon enough!
Nice ess Mick
Go to the Dealers for mats,they have the deepest pile so any crap you bring in doesn't sit on the top like cheap mats
Ive got a set of none branded black tailor made mats. Brand new, pm if ur interested
Cheers Snipe, that's what i want to do although forgive me for sounding like a complete noob but what spacers would i need/where would i get them from?

At this point it may be worth pointing out that i'm going from a 1.6 golf my first car.. lol