Photo's of contacts


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Has anyone had any success getting contact photo's to show up on the MMI screen. I have an iphone 4 connected with a red collered cable and my contacts numbers and addresses come up fine but no photo, even though there is one when i look at my contacts on the iphone. If it makes a difference i dont have the tech pack, just the standard screen. Cheers for any comments.


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I don't think it'll be anything to do with the cable, it's the bluetooth that does the phone functions. Cable is for music only.


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I'm not aware of any way of getting it up, not sure it's possible in the current software version


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I think it depends on the phone. The Audi website has a phone comparability database that lists this separately.


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No, just a basic Sport. I have to admit, it came up as a complete surprise when I phoned the only person for whom I have a Contact photo - wasn't expecting it at all. And just through the Bluetooth connection, no cable connection.


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for reference it works on my Samsung Galaxy S3 via bluetooth on the standard mmi