Photos of A6 On 20's


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Mar 28, 2015
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wanting photos of A6 s line on 20s, i know its got a 30min drop with the s line. just wanting photos of them on 20s and what size tyres are you running plus was there any work required to get them on

I'm running standard 19's atm with 255/35/19 tyres

Any advise will be great.
Here you go.

running 245/30 on them.
No extra work to fit them. They are 8" wide and fit spot on.
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Cheers for that mate, they look smart :)
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We recently fitted 20" BBS on a customer's A6 3.0T. Lowered by KW coilovers, so no S-Line drop (a tad more), and of course, the Brembo 380 GT kit makes the look complete. From the top of my head: 20x9, 245 or 255, ET30-ish, so really snug in the arches. If desired I can see if I can find the exact measurements tomorrow.



That looks really smart, loving the breaks to. thats for the photos, and no i ok i 100% what 20's
Just looked on your website, i need to find a place like yours in travelling distance from me
Not to get all promoty-and-stuff and breaking any rules - feel free to contact us, maybe we can help you out, possibly by finding a UK seller..

I'm not here to promote the business, this is just my personal account :).