Phone will not connect to car


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Dec 14, 2014
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East Kent
This is a 2012 A6 S-Line Avant 3.0TDi
Had the car since 2013, hands-free phone has always worked faultlessly.
However, suddenly the car system cannot find the phone. Phone is an iPhone SE, a few years old, running iOS 14.4.2, right up to date. The phone works fine in our other car.
The car has had nothing done to it recently, apart from sit around unused for a bit and had to charge the battery.
The car simply says it can't see the phone. Bluetooth appears to be running OK in the car system.
Any ideas please or is it the first sign of old age creeping into my beloved car?! Can it be a question of the Bluetooth software needing to be reloaded in the car, perhaps? Can an Audi specialist garage do that? (i.e. not a main dealer).
Thanks for replies.
I don't think the phone shows up on the menu on this car anyway?
@NH, how do I do a reset on the bt? I assumed first of all I'd be able to do that but I couldn't see it as an option. Maybe I'm missing seeing part of the menu.
OK, I found how to delete all phones from the car, and started again. But it will not detect any iPhone, nor an Android phone.
In the menus, it looks like Bluetooth thinks it's all working.
So, what next? Sounds like it's the component that sends/receives the Bluetooth signal that has failed.
Any ideas where it is please? Or whether it's feasible to replace it or get it replaced?
Afterthought........I suppose it couldn't have its own fuse could it? Everything else appears to work............
The bluetooth module is part of the main MMI module (5F) it is possible to replace the BT module inside the unit, but it's not straight forward. Another option is the MMI software has got corrupted and a MMI update would fix the issue (This would be my first choice) Best thing to do would be to find someone that can update your MMI software or if you have time and don't mind a lot of searching and reading of forums you can update the firmware yourself.

Another option is to replace the entire 5F module, however this is complex as you would need to buy a similar unit to the one you have now and have it coded and then get component protection (Audi software protection removed) which is a dealer or anyone with registered and licensed ODIS software (Hacked versions won't remove CP)
Yes I'd be inclined to try the MMI update.
Does this include maps? Only I've tried in the past to find map updates online for this car and failed.
Maybe I'll talk to the Audi specialist who services the car and see if they can sort it.
Many thanks for the advice!
For the maps it depends on the MMI system you have, if it's SD card based NAV then your out of luck, as this is a dealer only update. If you have Hard disk based SAT NAV then you can update the maps. It's a different update to the main software update. If you are doing this yourself then make sure you have a battery charger as the update including maps can take over an hour.
Just to resurrect this thread...... car has been in for its MOT today at the excellent local Audi specialist, and I asked them to have a look at the Bluetooth problem. They reckon that BT in the MMI software is probably all OK, and that the problem is more likely to do with the Bluetooth aerial module which they said is located under the floor. I reckon I'd like to take a look at this as it may be simply a connector problem.
I forgot to ask them exactly where I should look, for instance is it beneath a particular seat? Does anyone on here happen to know, please?
And some more I tried a MMI Factory Settings reset on Bluetooth only. This has changed the situation - now, although Bluetooth says it's 'on', none of its options (e.g. discoverability) are highlighted and therefore available. Tried searching for another Bluetooth device, it very quickly says none found.
So I reckon now that the module is dud in some way. Found doing loads of searches that it's under the LH front passenger floor - can anyne verify that before I start ripping up carpet?

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