Phatnoise Question


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Decided to clean up my phatnoise as I'd stuck a lot of stuff on which was getting on my nerves. Decided to clear the drive and start by reinstalling music starting with my old cd collection. Things were going great using Music manager to encode to mp3 and each disc I put up appears as an individual disc on my phatnoise.

However, the problem comes when I search through artists/albums etc in the car and I seem to have no voice prompts although this worked before when I loaded music on but previously I'd not done a direct encode to the phatnoise, rather, I was transferring the mp3s from my pc onto the phatnoise.

I must admit, before when I had put all my mp3s onto the phatnoise they were all store under one playlist/disc and just navigated through artist etc. What am I doing wrong as I can see me cleaning the phatnoise and starting from scratch again.

Any help would be appreciated.