Phatnoise Problem


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Had a phatnoise fitted for about 6 months now the following problems occur:

1. tracks seem have a few breaks at the beginning (usually every track).
2. when changing the track nothing happens.
3. the unit itself changes to the next track.

A friend of mine did recommend that i dont mount the phatnoise on top of the Bose sub as its no good for the hard-drive.

Any help would be great.




Possibly the connection to the cable.

At the Phatnoise end the threaded nuts attached to the Phatbox that the cable thumb screws screw into vibrate loose away from the Phatbox but the cable thumb screws still feel tight to the touch (threaded nuts tight against the cable connector but not against the box) so you still think the connector is making perfect contact but it is not.

Remove the connector and make sure the nuts on the Phatboxt are tight.

This cured allsorts of odd problems on my Phatnoise, & I must of checked the thumb screws were tight about 50 times (the whole lot felt solid as a rock) not realising the nuts had come away from the Phatbox itself pushing the connector away from the box .

It might be the same on yours then again……


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cool i ll have a look tomorra.

Thanks timps.