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I have noticed a few threads about the Phatnoise system, however, I have been unable to find the answer to a few specific questions.

1. I want to put one in my 04, A3. I have no CD changer currently - I believe I need to purchase a lead?

2. Are there different versions of the system? I noticed one on ebay for $159, but it does not mention that it is compatible with the A3. The datasheet does not mention the A3. Has anybody fitted one to their A3 and do you have a good seller?

3. Will I need to pay tax on American shipping? I phoned our dealer today and he quoted me £500 for the system, we would get discount on that but even then, its a bit steep!

Sorry if this is repetition, Im not very good with I.C.E and Im a total novice.

Thanks guys,



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Hi Steve,

I have just fitted one to my A3.

You will need to buy the CD changer cable and have it wired into the back of the stereo. You can get one that just goes to the glovebox or you can get the one that goes all the way to the boot (This is the one I have).

Once this cable is run, all you have to do is plug it in!

It works very well with the concert II and I got mine from the states for $179 plus postage (came to about £135 all in).

Theres a guy on ebay from a place called mikanmotors who is very reputable! I had to pay customs (£35) but some people have got away with it.



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hi , got my box today , got stung £20.84 import tax , not to bad .

i got a lead in the box but it will not fit my head unit ??

any ideas ?


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Got my phat noise from ebay from rally959, says he's in milton keynes but it arrived from Illinois usa with £58 customs charge!

All in all came to £259. Not bad compared to dealer but still not the price orignally quoted.

Moral of the story?
Never trust anything to do with Milton keynes especialy after they stole my football team.