Sportback PFL Sport Exhaust w/ DP + Secondary Decat Question


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Hi gents,

2 weeks ago I did a Stage 1 APR map which has really brought the best out of the car performance wise.
1 week ago I did Decat Downpipe and Secondary Cat Bypass (Secondary Decat) on my Sport Exhaust from Rogue Performance here in South Africa.
I have scoured the forums for opinions on exhaust etc. and have seen that the Sport Exhaust with Decat seems to be unbeatable.

Here is my situation:
The car is a lot louder on start and above 3000rpm. Pops and Bangs on downshifts above 3000rpm are absolutely unreal, way louder. Below 3000rpm it is a different story, the pops and bangs are muffled and lifeless. I'm sure many of you who have PFL RS3's with Sport Exhaust notice than when in dynamic, 1st gear sounds unreal, and then the sound dies off in 2nd gear and up, nearly like a valve closes? (until you really give it of course)
The APR map is great, and I don't have a desire to change that. However, with Decat Downpipe and Secondary Decat: After 1st gear, the exhaust sounds a bit 'tinny'.
Here is my question:
Do you reckon I should:
1 - Put the OEM downpipe back and run that with the Rogue Secondary Decat.
2 - Give the new parts some time to run in.
3 - Put exhaust back to stock Sport Exhaust, get rid of the Rogue DP + Secondary Decat and buy Milltek Secondary Decat. (if that is the best option)
4 - (None of the above, suggestions gladly taken)

I can record a video of the sound and post it up if that would help?
Thanks in advance!


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@Jefecito That is exactly what I need! Thank you so much for the advice.


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You've made my day @Jefecito, love how the second option integrates with Drive Select. Thanks once again! :salute:

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In first gear the valves are always open. In 2nd onwards they close until about 3-4k hence it is a bit less noisy at low revs as you say. Imho sports exhaust and decat is an awesome sound, very hard to beat in any car within £20k of starting price.


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