Petrol prices vs oil prices


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In 2009 oil went above $100/barrel for the first time. We were told by the oil companies that "we're very sorry, but we're going to have to put prices up, we just can't keep them under £1/litre with oil over $100/barrel).

Today it's dropped back under $100 and I'm paying £1.36/litre for my diesel. Anyone get the feeling that somebody, somewhere, is taking the ****?

Edit: I've worked it out - they can't reduce the prices because their petrol tankers use way too much petrol getting the petrol to the petrol stations, and what with the price of petrol being so high...


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Probably something to do with the massive amounts of fuel duty, oh and VAT (taxed on your tax - brilliant!) You can always join fairfuel, can't hurt, the more support the better