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I know these are fast cars but the traction control light flickers on during right foot stompage...

Not a huge issue in itself but it switches the acceleration off for that moment and I find myself unable to accelerate for a bit even after I slow down - like it needs a bit of time to reset.

I originally thought it was a fueling issue.

What I do now is simply turn it off when in dynamic mode and fancy some fun.

This still doesn't sound right though - is it meant to do this?
I understand that to stop traction loss it would stop the car accelerating but it stays off for longer than it should.


I was giving it some on a road and it triggered and the accelerator becomes irrelevant and the speed drops.
The car came down to about 30 and it felt like being in 7th gear when I pushed the accelerator again as ****** all was happening and I thought the car was buggered. I think I even changed down in 2nd, then applied the throttle and still ****** all acceleration.

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Mine rarely flashes even at full "mash". Is your tyre tread low?


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I have had this on the odd occasion, exactly as you describe. I assume when I accelarate over a manhole or the like.


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The FL S3's are absolutely horrendous for it, can't be driven quick without the TC in sport! Ruins the car and makes the Quattro come across as rubbish when it never loses traction, even when fully off


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Nah, nearly new.

I will ask Audi to check it when I take it in for its main service.