Personalised RS3 number plate


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Sadly I won't now be getting an RS3, although did enjoy looking at the one proudly sat next to the history of RS avant's located on the humungus Audi stand at Goodwood Thursday last, but things have sadly changed. Ho-hum. :sorry:

Anyway, the one thing I did obtain (being a little over eager fellow) was a nice registration which I no longer have need for; yes I did see the classified section but i'm not sure being at the bottom of the forum that the RS3 owners may be looking there when they are investing an eye watering £40K towards their new baby - I hope that posting here is not breaking too many forum ettiqiette rules. :haudrauf:

If you are planning to get a misano red or brilliant red RS3 and fancy christening your new baby with a very appropriate prefix plate please feel free to drop me a PM. The assignment fee is already paid, and quite frankly its really only going to sit on a nice RS so hopefully there is a potential home for it out there amongst the jolly nice fellows from this forum.

Following the spotters rules I won't be posting the plate details here but will happily divuldge all in a PM.


P.S. The S3 is still awesome even after 5 1/2 years, loads and loads of smiles over the years but that too will be going soon. :notme: It's a shame no RS, but when life throws is these little curved balls at us once in a while we need to react to stay in the game.... :racer:


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Sorry to hear you're not able to proceed with the purchase.

So what is the plate config?


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lol good guess


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Hi Guys, I'm new to this site. I have a Red RS3.
I live in S.A. and my registration plate is RS3PECT - ZN.


All the gear.. No idea
The best plate I've seen so far is "RS3" it's for sale on regtransfers for £101,995 !!!!!!!! It's only 2.5 times as expensive as the car :lmfao:


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Anyone see secret millionaire other week?
This was his car
love it!


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Asked an older bloke at a motorway service station if I could buy his plate.......being S3 I thought it would of gone well on my S3. He just laughed........and drove away in his smokey heep. Cant recall what it was but it wasnt anything special.