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Permanent needle/gauge illumination with VCDS?

Star2k8 Jul 3, 2018

  1. Star2k8

    Star2k8 Member

    Hi guys,
    My pal has now got VCDS and will be changing a few things.
    I will dedo be doing the Start Needle Sweep which I see alot of info on...
    BUT I would also like for the needles/gauges it stay illuminated when the car is on ignition NOT just with the light switch.
    Is this possible and where can I find it? Thanks in advance.
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  3. RJ-8V

    RJ-8V Active Member Team Daytona Audi A3 S-line owners group

    No not possible as far as i know. Only on MQB platform it is possible (A3 8V etc)

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G925F met Tapatalk
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