Performance exhaust for b5 1.8t avant


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Im looking for a aftermarket exhaust for my avant,can anyone recommend any as ive been looking around and not a lot of companies produce them
Thanks Paul:icon_thumright:


Just had a decat back stainless system made and fitted at Topgears longlife headquarters in Bridport,only 2 1/2" right through because i have no plans for a larger turbo,(yet).I can only say I am very impressed with there workmanship,they used all the original exhaust mounting points, took just on 5 hours though from start to finish,I think a lot of that was taken up with getting the old downpipe off.I dont know about other branches workmanship,but as I say Bridport was 1st class,Tazzy baby,(Gareth) had one fitted at cardiff longlife a couple of weeks ago as well,will get some pics up next time I get the use of the ramp.