Facelift 'perfect' oval punch/cut for side-mounted 12k parking sensors


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Hey guys, just following on from my old post here: https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threa...ing-pre-sourced-parts-8v-fl-s-line-sb.426115/

Did manage to find and book a fitter thanks to DJAlix's recommendation, but getting to the point of booking the work; the fitter would not take on the job of fitting the side parking sensors unless he could get it the perfect/OEM look, which can't be done with the tools he has, so have now been left in a strange and stressful scenario where I can get everything fitted besides the entire parking sensor/12k kit because of these oval-shaped mounts.

These have an oval right around the actual parking sensor and the punch/cutout would need to fit the edge of the oval ring (image below)


A few things we've already thought/tried:
  • Fitter would cut + sand the hole for the shape of the sensor: refused due to chance of it looking bad (I don't mind but the fitter wants it perfect)
  • I cut and sand the hole: Incredibly difficult due to the limited mobility in one hand, but maybe possible in a year :nomouth:
  • Get new bumpers with holes already punched out: Most bumpers floating around that have the correct punches are incredibly damaged
If anyone has done this retrofit or would know how to get the punch 'perfect' in the bumper so I could get these fitted, it'd be massively appreciated as the fitter will refuse the job until then. Willing to drive out pretty far out from where I am (east mids) to get this cut/fit/sorted if I can. Thanks a ton in advance :relaxed:


Props to the fitter not taking the works on if he felt couldn’t do the best he could.

The A3’s with Park Assist (Self parking) had side sensors. Haven’t seen many A3’s with that spec or people retrofitting it.

Is it possible to retrofit park assist? I presume would need bumper change for the side sensors.