peoples thoughts on how diesel cars are going to fair in the short term??


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I bought my diesel A4 s-line last October, unfortunately for me I missed the part where the government was going to bend us over if we owned a Diesel car.
On Tuesday I have a good chance to go view either and S4,S3 or a F-type all being petrol as I fear the short term my A4 is simply going to end up worthless in the next 5 years or so, even though I paid £25k back in October (A4 s-line tdi 190 13,000 mls with Tech pack, lighting pack and upgraded wheels on a 66 plate)
it seems its only worth around £18k now?!

There maybe a chance I can gain some back by paying out a little more if you follow.

Thoughts on this people?



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Personally, not bothered. Where I am (NI) people only seem to want the diesels. There may be a lot of media hype around the emissions and older vehicles are rightly being targeted but I’m watching AutoTrader (also looking a petrol but for different reasons) and the prices don’t seem to have moved much and the petrols over here seem to sit for sale for a long time. On the other hand, I can’t buy a well-spec’d petrol A4/A5 sportback quattro as they are like hens teeth.

I’d wonder where you got that 18k figure? I bought a 15 plate A4 Black Edition Plus tdi quattro last November at £18.5k. It’s now got 39k miles on it and value on a trade is just under £17k. Looks like you’re suffering from the high depreciation of an (almost) new car there rather than general year on year depreciation perhaps? But regardless 18 sounds low.

Don’t get me started on the ‘emissions scandal’ over that gas we (UK) weren’t even bothered about...


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I was offered only £18500 today but told him to ****** off unless he was willing to raise this by another £1500 lol


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Wouldn’t worry. It’s not these new diesels that are being targeted but the older euro IV engines or older for congestion if you drive in London and some other places. Also the reason some are switching to petrol is that new diesel cars tax (VED) is being equalised (as of April 2018) and not being discounted for lower emissions of CO2 in Diesel engines. Not to be confused with Nox. Gone are the days of buying a NEW diesel with £20-£30 car tax. Car tax won’t be going up if you bought the car before April 2018. 2nd hand diesels maintain their VED. Your lower price is down to depreciation. You should drive it at least three years to get your worth out a new car. Selling before then is giving the new buyer a great advantage of you eating the depreciation. There is still a big apatite for diesel cars and the new Euro VI engines are much cleaner. I’m hanging on to my diesel and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to petrol. It’ll be Electric once prices come down.