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Jambo26 Aug 24, 2019

  1. Jambo26

    Jambo26 Registered User

    Currently looking at the 2019 RS3 sport edition.
    But my dads just got a 2019 A1 and makes the dash of the rs look outdated.

    What’s people’s thoughts on a new A3 range. I know the S and RS won’t be released straight away or even a good year or two afterwards.
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  3. Dan_DJT

    Dan_DJT RS3 Saloon

    New A3 is not far away but like you say it may be a while until there is a RS version. It will almost certainly be a mild hybrid powertrain and hence going to be more expensive. Look at the new RS6 which is best part of £100k. Performance cars will keep going up in cost in my view.

    Whatever model year RS3 you buy it will be outdated as soon as you get it, technology moves on very fast as all the OEM's are trying to match each other etc.
  4. terminator x

    terminator x Registered User

    Current version lost some sound and performance according to owners. I'd get a drive in one first before you buy.


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  5. Jambo26

    Jambo26 Registered User

    Thanks guys

    To be fair I wouldn’t notice performance going from a 2.0tdi 140 anything is going to be better and sound there’s always ways around that
    But thank you for your input. Going to local stealers today
  6. Spinstorm

    Spinstorm Registered User

    In all honesty the RS3 isn’t really that different to the A1.

    It is simply down to presentation! First of all the new A1 has very cool ambient lighting - that is missing in the current A3. The next thing is the bigger touchscreen display but the actual functionality is the same.

    The RS3 has Android Auto/CarPlay, the same maps, the same settings etc... yes the new A1 has a new design on the MMI but it all does the same stuff.

    The Virtual Cockpit on the RS3 is much better than the A1 as it has the central rev counter Audi sport design which I love.

    I wouldn’t hold of on buying an RS3 because of the tech because as I said it’s very very close.

    But the new A3/RS3 will certainly have the ambient lighting and touch screen and will look even more modern; I am not sure (like everyone else) when the next version will be out but second half of next year is probably the most optimistic time.

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