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PCV pipe work blue smoke?

SteveSAS Jul 7, 2018

  1. SteveSAS

    SteveSAS Guest

    Hi guys, car started smoking slightly (grey/blue) when revved recently (no power loss or using oil 1000miles) so dropped in to local garage (not Audi or VW specialist).
    Said they would do engine flush out and check all the piping. I bought two PCV valves for them to renew at the (Hockey Puck & tiny grey looking one).
    Anyway, to the point, they said there was a pipe under inlet manifold that had a piece cut out of it and two big bolts pushed in both ends obviously to delete this pipe. They have rejoined this & says it now smokes more.
    I had remap 3 yrs ago and after smoke test, they ripped out most of the breather pipes from under the inlet as they said was not needed (just emission rubbish). So my question is should that pipe have stayed deleted as the tuners intended to delete it? Normal practice I mean or not?


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