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When a car's on PCP, my understanding is that you are the registered keeper but not the legal owner until you pay off all the finance. So, if you're going on e.g. confused.com to get an insurance quote, who do you put down as the owner? The options on confused.com are:
  • Policy Holder
  • Spouse
  • Other Driver
  • Parent
  • Common Law Partner
  • Private Leased
  • Company
  • Company (Leased)
  • Limited Company
  • Civil Partner
  • Society/Club
None of these seem to apply, as a lot of them are clearly not right and the car's not leased. Company maybe? There's no guidance on the confused.com site or on their forums: one person has asked on there and the confused.com staff member basically said they didn't know. Any ideas?

p.s. As well as looking online I will also be looking at getting quotes from the supporters of the forum. ;)


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Mines is down as private leased. Checked with my insurer and did the same with my wife's mini. Both said the same time. PCP is a form of leasing as you don't own the car till you pay final ballon payment. So in effect you are leasing the car till then.