PCP Ending - Any interest, or should I just give back?


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Hi everyone.

I've just paid my last installment on my 2 year PCP. I now have the choice of either walking away and getting something different, or stumping up the balloon payment of £13k. I've no interest in keeping the car for myself, although I have been very happy with it, I just want something bigger.

So, I'm going to give it back, but then I thought, hey, I might be able to make a few quid out of this, lol!

Spec is as follows:-

2007 '56' Plate A3 Sportback TDI170 S-Line in Ibis White. I've owned this from new, when I picked it up from Vindis Audi Huntingdon on 4th January 2007

Factory fitted extras are:-
Full black Leather.
20 Spoke alloys.
Xenon Headlights
Rear parking sensors
Centre Armrest
Interior Light Pack
Light and Rain Pack
Symphony II+ (although I have since sold it on and retrofitted RNS-E, more on this below).
Rear passanger sunblinds.

I put on brushed aluminium wing mirrors (still have the orginals which are mint) and have also changed the pedals to the aluminium versions.

It's done nearly 27000 miles. Slight kerbing to one (maybe 2, I need to check) alloys that could be easily restored. One small chip on the rear bumper very close to the boot, where my wife caught the buggy when putting it in the boot. Again, this can be sorted out by chips away or someone like that for very little money.

I think that's a pretty decent spec - only thing I regretted not having was the MFSW, but that can be done aftermarket. I would have done it had I decided to keep the car.

Anyway... finance company wants £12,950 for it, so if anyone interested in it for say £13,500 to make it worth my while, then let me know... I doubt it in the current climate... but it's a thought.

Far more likely to get some interest, is the fact that if it goes back to the finance company, I'm going to take out the RNS-E and source a Symphony II+ to put in its place. All the ones on fleabay are for TT's, A4's and A6's, so no joy there, but £250 seems to be what they are asking for them. I reckon my mint RNS-E (2006 original nav disks - I have backup copies of 2007 and 2008 nav disks - can't think where I've put the originals!) is worth £500, so if anyone has a mint Symphony II+ and wants to upgrade to RNS-E for £250, let me know. If you are prepared to travel to Peterborough, I'll even help you to fit it as I have VAG.COM and the right stereo removal keys. Should take all of 20 mins!

I know this is technically a sales ad, and perhaps should be in the classifieds, but I didn't know what section to put it in. Apologies if I've offended anyone.


Gary :salute:


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Sorry is it manual, 4wd?


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Manual, 2WD

Thanks, Gary