pc steering wheels


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anyone seen the new thrustmaster f1 forcefeedback wheel?

doesn't it just look the biz - check out www.thrustmaster.com - you know you want it!

read that spec - maybe even overlook the fact its licensed by fiat, sorry ferrari - r.r.p. £199 - got to get it!

well ****** forget it! - over rated piece of *****!
bought one saturday @ 6pm from pc world £119.99 returned it sunday @ 10am for refund of £120 - a profit and a nights hire - not bad! :beerhug:

seriously, i have a microsoft forcefeedback wheel and my mate has a thrustmaster ferrari f360, both are £59.99 and are very much better for feel and response - the pedals on the f1 are so heavy you would not believe - so if you are considering it, forget it, buy a cheaper alternative and spend the rest on summit else!

anyone else got wheely good stories to tell?


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I had 3 thrustmasters, all of which quickly broke (one even went up in smoke) b4 getting a MS one :(