Passenger Window Problem


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I have a Problem with the passenger window, it does down fine but wont go up. when its down it wont go up fully with out a bit of assistance. if i just try and let it pull its self up it gets about 2 inches and automatically goes down again. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/burningmad.gif

I suspect it to be a motor problem, but i was wondering if anyone has experienced this before.

Thanks in advance.


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Experiencing the exact same problem as you but on drivers side.
Fairly common I've heard. Think its something to do with a plastic clip that is part of the window regulator rather than the motor.
I'd like a solution too but don't fancy paying audi prices or doing it myself


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Yeah had this on my wifes A3 1.8TS. It wasn't the motor, it was working fine, it was the runners. You could feel some play left to right in the window glass, so the window was skewing slightly when it starts to rise and the motor thought their was an obstruction so reversed.
I thought there would be an adjustment on it to tighten up the runners but it needed a new frame in the end. About £60 fitted from Audi specialist (not Audi dealer)
Check to see if you have the same play in the window glass, and compare it to the working one, just jiggle it front to back when it is half way down.


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Is the play worse on the duff side than the working side.
I don't know exactly what the part is, I got so frustrated with it I just took it to Autotechnik (Audi specialist) and they sorted it out.
It is the frame that holds the runners inside the door.
If you take the door trim off it is easy to see. It is all one unit, but I wouldn't try and do it yourself, it looked to me like a horrible job.


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I found that by holding up the end of the glass with the play in it (lock side), the window worked just fine, until it got to the top, where I had to remove my hand.
The only way it would go all the way up was squeezing it from both sidesand coaxing it up, but you really need a third hand to do this, not very practical while on the move.