Passat 130 tdi Help please :)


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im having trouble with my passat 130 tdi ,
its on an 02 plate and im having trouble with the main drive belt chattering ive renewed the idler / shock absorber / the belt and 2 pulleys and still chatters at idle and with alternator load on or off
also chatters really bad when steering is locked round fully ,
if you pick the revs upto around 1k + the chatter is gone and the belt stops whipping
any ideas or help gratefully recieved ive spent loads already all genuine parts and its slightly better but still extremely noticable
thanks in advance


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Can't answer your question, but maybe you want to shoot over to and ask the question, I'm sure someone will know there, they have been the info site I've been using for my B5 Passat Estate. ;)