Parts numbers and fault code help


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Hi guys,

First things first, I've decided to do the double din by myself (Here we go :blink:). I've got my hands on a cage, all the buttons, and the button surround. However I am missing these two parts below.

8P0 864 348 (bracket from trim)
8P0 864 147 A (covering)

I'm happy to buy these, I just want to make sure these will be compatible with double din with an ashtray delete.

Secondly, while trawling through the forums a user stated I will get some fault codes from doing this and there will be a fault with the passenger air bag. Is this something easy to fix, I don't have a vag com. If I need one, does anyone know any dealers in Lancashire that wont rip me off if I ask them to reset the codes?

Apologies for the wall of text!


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Quick question, whats the general etiquette with the VCDS? Beer tax and I'll do all the traveling?