Parts Database for the Audi A3, S3, 1997 to date


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So here's GOLDEN/PRECIOUS information for ALL A3 owners, especially those of the hands-on variety...

In my post-box yesterday morning was a link to the AUDI RS3 SPORTBACK, but following that I found this:


Within ARE links to illustrated parts lists for the Audi A3, S3, etc, 1997 to date, go check... :readit:

And as it's ALL FREELY available information...

Courtesy of 45bvtc



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Been using this for about 6 months. Its great!


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Yes I think I got it from this forum last year but can't remember who from, but then, as I tend to like my red stuff, I may just have 'googled' it...


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If you want some idea of the price of parts you will need a copy of the ETKA Parts Catalogue as used by dealers.

It is possible to obtain a copy of this for free from a website in the US. This is updated at least once a month. They also offer Price updates for the UK. It is quite involved to download and install but worth it in the end. If anyone wants more details just send me a PM.

If you have a part number and want to know the price again drop me a PM. The price may not be fully up to date but it will give you an idea if you are talking about £2 or £200.


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Thank you for this Sandra!


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This is great!

Many thanks for sharing.


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Magic that, parcel shelf string and rubbish plastic clip broke this week. Quick search and I have part number 8v4867668 which I think is the right one. Thank you


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i no this post is old but could someone send me the link for the parts post as when i click it says forbidden. thanks

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Yeah links dead again :( if anyone has anyway and has a spare minute help a guy out please I can’t find a specific part can’t find it’s name anywhere, my rear quarter glass seal (3 door 8p)the glass is fine but the rubber is split badly