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Parts Database for the A4/S4

Sandra Mar 19, 2014

  1. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    So here's GOLDEN/PRECIOUS information for ALL A4 owners, especially those of the hands-on variety...

    In my post-box yesterday morning was a link to the AUDI RS3 SPORTBACK, but following that I found this:

    AUDI A4/AVANT [A4] (EUROPE) 1995-...

    Within ARE links to illustrated parts lists for the Audi A4, S4 etc, 1997 to date, go check... :readit:

    And as it's ALL FREELY available information...

    Courtesy of 45bvtc

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  3. martynash

    martynash Ask ....I don't Bite....much!

    Hi Sandra

    Wot a top lady you are. This database has already been of use to me, thanks.

    I like the site upgrade but it's a shame it happened just after I got used to the old site, Now I will probably have to hassle you again asking silly questions on functionality and the like.

    Wot happened to our little comments ie: the green lights and the comment under your avatar?

    I see Jeff
    jdp1962 has become a moderator too. Is this why his avatar has changed I wonder?

    Anyway speak soon

    Marty:hi::greyrs4: (Why the silver a4 no jump?) Xx
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