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Particulate Filter: System Fault

Spiedhermonkey Dec 6, 2018 at 6:35 PM

  1. Spiedhermonkey

    Spiedhermonkey Active Member VCDS Map User

    The Wife got the warning message “Particulate Filter: System Fault - See Owners Manual” on her way to work this morning. The car is still in warranty, but If I take it to Audi and they blame the type of driving for not allowing the DPF to do its regen, no doubt I’ll have to pay for the diagnostics etc.

    Would it be worth taking it for a good run up the motorway for 45 mins to see if it clears, or is it too late for that once the warning appears? The car does mainly 6 miles each way to my Wife’s work on a daily basis, plus some town driving. The last good run was 180 miles on 11th November.

    Any advice appreciated.


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  3. Buxton2901

    Buxton2901 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear this matey. I'm kind of waiting for mine to start playing up..
    My car does 1 mile morning and night to drop and pick kids up from the wife's mother's. Thats Monday to Thursday as we both cycle to work.
    Then on a Friday I drive 12 miles to work and back. Then about 100 miles over the weekend.
    But still not long motorway miles.
    My car also has 66k on the clock now

    Anyway I had massive issues with the dpf on my A4 and eventually had it gutted out.
    Which I know now the emissions mot tests have changed this can be picked up but it did used to just be a visual inspection.

    When my bitdi is trying to regenerate I can tell from the louder exhaust note and the gearbox holds onto the gears longer. When doing 30mph it's in 4th instead of 5th..
    So if I can sense this I take it up and down fast roads stick it in manual and make sure the revs stay around 2-2.5k and generally on the way home I stick it back in drive and it will be back in 5th doing 30.

    Sometimes if I pop it into sport and give it some beans it then starts a regen so maybe you could try this.

    One other thing I have activated the lap timer screen on the trip computer so I can see the engine temperature. I believe this has to be around 96 degrees on order for the soot/carbon build up in the dpf to be burnt off.

    Fingers crossed you manage to resolve this without a trip to the sealers.

    Keep us updated mate


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  4. Spiedhermonkey

    Spiedhermonkey Active Member VCDS Map User

    Cheers mate, appreciate that. It’s the Wife who drives it on a daily basis and I have asked her to listen out for the fans running louder when she gets home, but she’s generally nattering on the phone til she gets home, so won’t notice it. She’ll kill me if she reads this & thinks I’m blaming her lol.

    I might take it for a spirited run in Sport mode soon to see if it does the trick, but now that a fault warning has appeared, I’m worried that it might do more harm than good.

    I’ll keep you posted on what happens.
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  5. Spiedhermonkey

    Spiedhermonkey Active Member VCDS Map User

    Promising sign: Wifey called me when she left work & said the warning was still on. When she got home though apparently it had disappeared after giving it a bit of welly. Will give it a proper good run at the weekend. Fingers crossed!
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