Part Number Request Thread


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As the part number thread is locked down I thought it might be handy to have an open topic about part number that people can post up part numbers of things they've bought or ask for part numbers so this can then be added to the sticky.

I'll start with a request. lol.

Black door handle insert on the inside which surrounds the electric windows (front control only), both sides.
Then add info about cruise control stalk.

For cruise control:
8E0 953 521D from 12/00 to 03/03
4E0 953 521 from 04/03 to 12/04

It wouldn't make much difference though.

You also need the bottom part of the cover under the steering wheel with the cutout for the cc stalk: I don't know what colour is your interior, if it's black then : 8E0 953 512 P 6PS or 3ZQ if Martitime blue etc...