Part Number Request - Headlamp Switch 2003 Audi A4 Quattro Sport


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Hi there and happy new year to everyone,

About 6 months ago I replaced my headlamp switch for one from eBay as the original one was looking very tatty.

I looked up the part numbers as much as possible and believed I had the right one for my car, but recently I have noticed that whilst everything else works as it should, only my drivers' side foglights (front and back) are working. :wtf:

I have checked the bulbs and wiring fully and everything is fine so it suggests to me that the headlamp switch is to blame.

Annoyingly I appear to have chucked out the original switch so I can't get the part number from that :rage:

Anyway, my car is a December 2003, Audi A4 1.9 TDi (130) Quattro Sport saloon with the 6-speed manual gearbox and WITHOUT the multi-function trip computer (i.e. the display between the speedo and rev counter is just red and only displays the remaining fuel range, NOT mpg, trip duration etc.) and has standard halogen H7 headlamps.

Could anyone source the correct part number for me, and can anyone tell me the differences between each?

I've seen the following variants -

- 8E0941531 - Some listings say this one will work
- 8E0941531A - Many ads suggest this one will work on the A4 B6 Quattro
- 8E0941531D - I'm pretty sure its not this one.

As ever, any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Heu man.. Just went to check mine and the part number is 8e0941531.
Mine is November 02 sport 130 but isn't Quattro.

I had one from ebay with the auto position but took it off because the headlights were always on no matter the position of the switch. But apart from that every light worked with the switch..
Hope you sort it out..

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Hi mate ive got one for sale from 2003 A4 1.9TDI Quattro SE, OE number on it is 8E0941531A.

Hope that helps.


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Thank for the responses peeps. I could've sworn it was the 8E0941531A part that is fitted but I haven't checked lately.

I had the same problem with the wrong part initially that resulted in the headlamps staying on permanently regardless of the switch position and apparently I'd bought the wrong switch that was for a car with the multi-function dashboard display. I swapped it for the current one and thought all was alright. Never mind, I'll get there in the end lol.