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Hi there, I've an issue with my 2012 A7 3.0 bitdi where it goes into limp mode as soon as any slight boost demand is made of the number 1 turbo (small).
I've carried out leak checks of the vacuum lines in to the N75 boost solenoids, and also from the solenoids into both turbo wastegate actuators.....all good.
VCDS output test of the electronic actuator of the small turbo is good, and the mechanical wastegate actuator for the large turbo also works as advertised.
Next up is to replace the N75 boost control solenoid for the small turbo, as it was red hot to the touch yesterday, but cannot read the markings on it.
Is there anyone on here with access to a parts manual who could kindly tell me the part number I require please? (Top solenoid valve with the plug disconnected)

Car reg is P555LHR or OE12MJU (changed reg recently)


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Ok, so just a quick update to this thread, I'm chuffed to bits that it was only the electronic actuator for the little turbo that had an internal fault and flagging up the glow plug and CEL.

Was quite an easy item to replace, as Audi actually have an actuator repair kit at a very reasonable price (£240 from TPS).

Anyways, as soon as this was replaced the car is back to its usual magnificent self. Thought I'd just add the info here to help anyone else with this issue, which thankfully turned out to be a minor component replacement.