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Nov 6, 2006
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Can someone let me know what the part number is for the fuel filter housing lid on a 2006 Audi A3 2.0TDI 140BHP.

As you may have probably noticed on yours they get very very grubby and corroded so I was looking at getting a spare and having it powder coated gloss or matt black.

Pic here:

According to ETKA the flange is only available as part of a complete fuel filter. The part numbers for the full filter unit are:

up to VIN No: 8P-6-176000 1K0 127 400 K

after that: 3C0 127 400 C
Thats lovely and clean, you should see mine, one big lump of rust!
& people say I'm bad, whose gonna see it, lol, but hey your car do what you like, but why not just use some rust killer to clean the metal up rather than going to extremes, probably clean it up just as the top one looks
as some wont be aware, i do concours and show n shine with my Audi at the VAG shows and the 2009 show season is nearly upon us. This is the only part on the whole car which lets it down, and yes engine bay and interior is inspected by the judges.
Fair play if you're into that kinda thing, but still could easily clean up with some rust killer etc, but if cheaper to buy new & easier then guess makes sense, but powder coating seems tad to far, but horses for courses etc etc
thing is, if its powdercoated it it should stay corrosion free, where as a general tidy up will be ok, it would only be a short perdiod of time that it will need re-doing again, and again, and again.

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