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Need thje part number for the bonnet release cable on a 2007 sportback .sure there all the same ?


Ps mine had rotted away inside the sleave check yours so you dont end up stranded like i did ...
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Part number is 8P2 823 531 C.
Costs about 8 quid.

And yep, 3dr and 5dr use the same part. :icon_thumright:


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Just noticed it looks like the cable comes in two parts. The part number I gave you above (8P2 823 531 C) is for the part of the cable that runs from the actual bonnet lock. There is also part number 8P0 823 535 C, which is the cable that runs from the bonnet release inside your car, also about £8.

Do you know which cable on yours is rotten?

See below 15 and 16, I've circled both in red...

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