Part number for mud guard things attached to the undertray?


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Anyone know what the part number for the little mud guard things are. They fit on the bottom on the under tray at the front of the car where it meets the arch liner?


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Hi mate,

If you find out, let us know.

Unfortunately, my wife hit a dog a few months back (it didn't survive - she was very shaken, and being dog people we both took it pretty hard...)

The collision took off the undertray and the mudgard things you mentioned - so I'm missing one of them now (the undertray was refitted no problems). Not sure what they're for, but I do like things to be present and correct in my car.



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left lower /
right lower /

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Oh and I could do with a RH one.....2 lumbar switches and 2 wheel centers....oh the joys of Audi ownership....