Part number for Bose front speaker


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I have Bose sound system installed in my car(S3 2000). I need to replace my lower left front door speaker since it sounds like crap. Does anyone know the part number for this speaker and can I find this speaker in another shop than my local Audi dealer since they want quite much for it.
Br, Martin


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It may be worth removing the facia, measuring the current speaker then buy an aftermarket the same size, wattage etc.
Many companies do 'custom fit' for all the cars on the market still i think, i'm sure someone (Jedi??) will confirm this. the last time i bought custom fit untis was for my 205 GTi in 1991 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jawdrop.gif


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I just changed the exact same one with yours, I have a 2001 s3 but they have to be the same. On its box , it writes 8L0 035 411, which I think its part num.
Swap it over with the one the other side...
... to check it is the speaker that is at fault.