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Part number and wiring identification.

Billy Mitchell Mar 26, 2020

  1. Billy Mitchell

    Billy Mitchell New Member

    Hi guys,
    New here, recently bought a 2011 a5 2.0tdi that had been salvaged as cat S as a little project while I complete my apprenticeship. Have sorted several issues it had already and was wondering if someone could tell me the part number for the auxiliary water pump as having plugged in my code reader after the yellow emissions light came on I’m told that there’s an open circuit. After some research it seems like replacing this pump is a good start but want to confirm the part number as I’m lead to believe it’s 5N0 965 56.
    Also I have found some disconnect wires in the engine bay just behind the passenger side headlight, I can’t see where it’s going to, but my air con condenser isn't plugged in, with no sign of an electrical connector. Can anyone identify if the wires I’ve pictured are for the air con?
    Appreciate any help

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