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neil ratcliffe

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hi guys iam still trying to locate the grills for my front bumper. the bumper part no. is 8e0 807 437e can anyone help with identifiying the perticalar bumper that i have.
many thanks neil.
Post a picture of your bumper dude. I replaced them on mine recently. I have the standard (somewhat boring) SE bumper.

neil ratcliffe

coupe rebuild master
hi mate thank you for your reply, here is mine. hope the pic is ok if you need another one let me know.


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It's all about the V8.
That looks very much like an S4 front bumper. If it is one piece then it definitely is an S4 front bumper.
The RH - foglight surround is 8E0807681B
The LH - foglight surround is 8E0807682B
The Centre Grill is - 8E0807647 (there will be a letter at the end depending on the colour)

The lower centre grilles are available on eBay but I couldn't see any fog light surrounds in the UK but there are some on the US eBay.

No. 5, 10 and 11 are what they look like.
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neil ratcliffe

coupe rebuild master
hi mate thank you for your reply. yes it is def. a 1 peice bumper. will check the parts out. ive found a seller in the us that has the grills. know ive got some no. to work with can get on shopping.


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It may still be the bumper from a S4 cabriolet , you need to see the side profile of the fog light grille cut outs.

neil ratcliffe

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the bumper isnt from a cabrolet as the front bumper from a cab is diffrent to a sedan. all ready thought of that one buddy.

neil ratcliffe

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ok arfter doing some traying on us ebay ive found the fog light grills. 1 is $38 and the there is $48. i mat have located a seller that may be selling both sides for $73. just messaged him so will know more shortlly.